We all want a stronger Queensland.

We’re creating over 1,100 new jobs every month. Our plan has the economy on track to record the strongest growth in the nation this year.Watch our New Television Ad and donate to keep the LNP.

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How we’re making Queensland Stronger

Growing a four pillar economy

The Newman LNP Government is working hard to make Queensland the best place in Australia to live, work and raise a family. We have a strong plan to grow a four pillar economy focusing on agriculture, construction, resources, and tourism to create the jobs of the future.

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Fixing the State’s finances

When the Newman LNP Government was elected Queensland’s finances were in a mess. While we have been able to stabilise our budget we need to do more so we can afford the schools and hospitals, police and roads of tomorrow.
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Tackling the cost of living

By fixing the state’s finances, we can tackle the cost of living so that taxes and household bills are not paying for debt and deficits. By taking on the responsibility and making the disciplined decisions to deal with debt and waste early, we have acted to restore Queensland as a low-taxing state.

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Creating jobs and infrastructure

The Newman LNP Government has a strong plan to secure Queensland’s financial future and invest in the next wave of job-creating infrastructure. Our plan provides $8.6 billion for infrastructure projects across the state, creating up to 25,000 jobs.

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Revitalising frontline health services

Queensland’s healthcare system is improving, but we know there are more opportunities to deliver better services for families. We want all Queensland families to access the free, quality healthcare you need, when and where you need it.

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Protecting our Community

The Newman LNP Government is working every day to make Queensland the safest place in Australia to live, work and raise a family. We’re putting more police on the beat providing better support for firies and emergency volunteers, and toughening up laws to make our community safer.

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Building Australia’s best education system

The Newman LNP Government is working hard to make Queensland’s education system the best in Australia. We have focused on school autonomy, teacher quality, improving the basics in the early years of schooling and school discipline.
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